DHCPd with multiple ipv4 subnets outside of local interface network. (300US$)

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    Those patches no longer apply. It'd need to be done yet again.

  • @doktornotor:

    Those patches no longer apply. It'd need to be done yet again.

    Jeez! Again, really?  :o

    I feel bad for Marcelloc.

    How many times must he redo the same thing because of core team not merging?

    Does anyone know why pfsense coreteam are so reluctant to merge this request?

    I mean, its a really nice feature that only makes pfsense a better and more competetive product.

  • Last version I got from Marcello works on 2.2.4.
    Not sure what the problem is or why it is difficult to merge.
    I too feel bad for the guy, 3 or 4 attempts, lost count in meantime  ::)

  • update: the latest version of the patch breaks IPSec. You'll end up with a nice error when you try to enable IPSec:```
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function gen_subnetv4() in /etc/inc/vpn.inc

    This is due to the modified util.inc, where the part gen_subnetv4() is missing in total. Haven't had this error earlier on previous ipsec activations, suspecting it originates or in the latest version of Marcello's patch (post pfSense2.2) or with StrongSwan implementation of IPSEC. (Racoon worked fine)
    So now I have to decide on either have the good working dhcpd (which I need), or the IPSec (which I need)
    why o why me  >:(
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    As already noted, that patch is (yet again) no longer applicable and I very much doubt marcelloc will bother with rewriting it for the zillionth time. The developers probably absolutely hate the idea of using pfSense as a DHCP server. Never seen such retarded handling of a contributed no-brainer feature.

  • Marcello,

    Are you interested in updating your changes in https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/pull/1406 such that they can be merged to master? I'm willing to pay an additional bounty for the update.  I tried doing it myself, but there was one conflicting commit in particular https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/commit/b5f6e690d40d0e0b7e16fd4adddb92d04c402ad6 that threw me off.


  • I could also pay an additional bounty to see this get merged in 2.3. I'm still using this in 2.2.6 and would hate to lose the functionality when 2.3 is released.

    However, I would like the "Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options" to be included in the additional subnets.

    Currently its not visible at all, and options from primary interface does not get propagated.

    I can pledge an additional 50 US$ from my end.

  • I'll pull the code once more to get merged on 2.3 .

  • @marcelloc:

    I'll pull the code once more to get merged on 2.3 .

    Great news! Thanks for not giving up.

    Any update on a dhcp-options related fix to the code for 2.3?

    Let us know when it is merged and I'll transfer the funds.

  • @marcelloc:

    I'll pull the code once more to get merged on 2.3 .

    Awesome!  I'll send $50 as well when it's ready for merge again.

  • What can we do to get the devs to actually put this into pfSense instead of relying on a bounty?

  • Have you tried calling them?  PfSense?  I am sure someone at Netgate…etc might be able to get a response...

  • Any luck getting the changes made?

  • Any luck getting the changes made?

  • I'm still interested and willing to pay.

  • Any news on the pull request?


    rbgarga commented on 4 Feb 2016
    After discuss privately with @marcelloc he agreed to submit a fresh patch, tested on 2.3, and I'll review it as soon as it lands here

    Is the "fresh patch" going to be integrated in 2.4?

  • Hi Folks,
    I've done a little of my own work in getting more flexibility into the DHCPD configuration of pfsense. I've only gone as far as allowing static mappings on ipalias subnets in my submission, but have some code which also allows for creation of ipalias subnet ranges. The reason I haven't released that bit is because of how complicated it gets to validate the new ranges within the existing codebase without a big refactor. Please have a look and let me know what you think.


    This is my pull request to RELENG_2_3_4 with the changes:

  • hi, any news about this?
    I need a solution for multiples subnets on the same lan, anyone working with?

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    This thread is from 2014-2017... And for version 2.3 that is now EOL! Or even OLDER and no longer supported - so I doubt it.

    I doubt this will ever be brought into pfsense to be honest... If you need to run a dhcp server like this - then run your own dhcp server.. Could be as cheap as firing up a PI on your network for a couple of bucks.

  • i was also looking for something like this