@kom said in The Behemoth Router is Here: I've seen lots of hand-waving about TNSR and SCLR or whatever they're called over the past year, but my brain still isn't grokking what this actually is. Is it a customized Linux distro? A network stack? A library? An application? A specialized protocol?? Yes. I'm sure someone will come along shortly with more detail, but to oversimplify TNSR, is a very high-throughput routing platform. It's based on different technologies than pfSense (Linux base OS, VPP for pushing packets, strongSwan for IPsec, FRR for BGP) and isn't really related directly. It can be configured via CLI or through an API (for central management/monitoring/orchestration/etc) I've also seen it talked about without any context to pfSense. Is it the natural successor to pfSense? Or is it a complimentary technology meant for high-end users/ISPs? I see on other forums such as Reddit that other people are just as confused about this as I am. TNSR is is complementary. It is aimed at a different segment of the market that pfSense can't touch performance-wise.