@gethersJ said in PFSense Firewall Log View - Showing Logs Once ICMP: If i try and ping google.co.uk on a continuous loop from my PC, I will only see that event in the logs view only once... but I really need to see this for each ICMP request. So if it pings 50 times I would like to see the ping in the logs 50 times You are not tracking traffic if you would see 50 icmp pings in your Logs. Firewall Logs are exactly that - Logs. They are not to be used for traffic analasys. There are other packages that do that job, traffic log isn't the right one. And of course you only see 1 hit in the logs, as only the first state / request is logged, all other pings are matched against the valid state and are passed through because of stateful filtering. If you want to log traffic, use ntopNG, bandwithd, darkstat etc. or just install softflowd and send your flows to an internal flow collector and let it parse and beautify your traffic :)