Cannot Single LAN Website over OpenVPN Connection

  • Hello,

    I am brand new here after buying an SG-2440 for my home along with a gold subscription.  So tired of consumer grade routers dying after 6-12 months of hard use.    I have read, searched this forum, and watched countless youtube videos to help me get started wtih pfSense.

    I received the SG-2440 today and have it running my home network with some simple port forwarding for my NAS, ipcameras, and security system.  Tonight I was able to create an OpenVPN server with the appropriate certificates and user then export the configuration using the OpenVPN client export package.

    I installed the OPVN config file on my iPhone, connected to Verizon, and then connected to my SG-2440 ( using the OpenVPN iphone client (  Using Safari, I can access all of the LAN webgui's for my webcams, the SG-2440, my printer, my Tivo's, etc.  The one thing I cannot access is my TP-Link AC3200 wireless access point connected as a LAN address  I can ping the address over the VPN.  The web gui will not load.  It will locally.    Rebooted, made sure nat and firewall are turned off on the TP-Link.

    Since I am coming from a consumer grade router, I am not sure how to troubleshoot this issue, especially since only one LAN webgui does not load.  I suspect it is maybe the AC3200 that is the issue, but my understanding about the VPN is it puts me inside my LAN.

    Anyone have any suggestions to help me figure out if pfSense/openVPN is the culprit?  I haven't included any settings because I am not sure what is needed.

    Thank you very much


  • Just found this thread after posting.

    Looks like it is the TPLink hardware.  Will refer to the responses there.  There is no access point mode in the router setup on the AC3200 either.

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