Openvpn peer to peer (SSL/TLS) multiple site

  • Dear,
    i have a Pfsense 2.3_1 .

    I need  that pfsense is the center and i need two vpn peer to peer SSL TLS.

    The GW pfsense ip example port 443 for the two VPN

    the two vpn have the tunnle network

    the first peer to peer vpn client have a remote network

    the second peer to peer vpn client have remote network

    i create the two client specific override and insert in the IPv4 Remote Network/s the /28 of each  site.

    I have some problem to create that topology with the new version of pfsense.

    I think that it's because was removed the net30 as default for openvpn.

    Is possible to force the openvpn server on the pfSense to use net30 ?

    thank you and best regards

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