Connect to different sites using OpenVpn

  • I work in a library system with 8 sites that each have a PFsense box. With versions up to 2.2.6 I have used PPTP vpn to connect to the remote boxes.  I setup a test box with 2.3 and then used the open vpn documentation to create a package to install on my pc and it works fine. I can't figure out how to setup a separate connection for each branch. For the PPTP I used the built in VPN client and had a list of 7 remote connections to use. Is there a way to do that with OpenVpn? Do I create a package on each PFsense box and install them all on my pc?

  • You can export a install package on each box, but if OpenVPN, OpenSSL and the TAP adapter are already installed on the Windows PC, you just need to install the certificate (if you use TLS) and the config file. The setup has a menu where you can select what should get installed.

  • I finally got a chance to replace my working PFsense box at the main branch. Now I have it and a test box both v2.3 with openVPN. I exported a client from the test box and installed it on my PC which already had the client exported from the production box. I installed the testbox client which was very quick and evidently only installed the certificate. When I start OpenVPN manager (v. from the desktop icon an icon appears in the area next to the clock (lower right in Windows 10-can't remember the name) then right click I get these options top to bottom: status, Pfsense-udp-1194-admin's name-config, then the same thing except with service on the end. Either of these options connects to the same box.
    How do I get it so I can choose which box to connect to? Thanks for any help!

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