2.3.x - on MacBook w Retina display, Diag menu is cut off

  • Something I noticed- w/ the standard theme in 2.3.x, when using my Macbook Pro to configure systems, the "Diagnostics" menu is cut off.  The last item visible is "States Summary" - everything below that is off screen.  The workaround is to press "Cmd-minus" to zoom out but that is a kludge.


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    do you have your top nax fixed to the top? That option is only meant for large enough screens.

  • "nax" - learned something new - is that what you guys call it?

    Anyway - makes no diff on my system with that on or off - menu is still cut off.  I see that with the fixed navbar off I can "scroll down" but that still feels clunky.  Chopping just a couple of pixels off the top & bottom and I think it would all fit.

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    heh it's um…slang for nav. (I've had my coffee now.)

    Having ridiculously long dropdowns is the clunky part :)

    I'll try and tweak it at some point, but it really needs to be rethought. It's grown organically up until this point.

  • The diagnostics menu probably should be broken down into a few expandable sections.  Some of the stuff in there isn't really diagnostics anyway, more administrative.  Like backup and restore for example.

  • Here are some diagnostics menu items I think would be good candidates for being put into an expandable Administration expandable menu.

    Diagnostics > Administration / …
    ... Backup & Restore
    ... Command Prompt
    ... Edit File
    ... Factory Defaults
    ... Halt System
    ... Reboot
    ... Tables

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    Adding a second nav tier is a discussion worthy of another thread, although the implementation could be somewhat involved. It would still be nice to have the thought exercise of what a potential 2-tier nav could like like (without confusing existing users).

    edit: Another option is to see if there are any pages that can logically be combined into a new page that page has them as tabs instead. For example, moving Status > DHCPv6 Leases into Status > DHCP Leases and creating v4 and v6 tabs (I have not idea how hard or what implications that might have)

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