Openvpn interface up/down when, how?

  • Hi,

    after I upgraded to pfsense 2.3 I met a strange behavior of openvpn client interfaces ovpncX (where X is a number).
    I am using openvpn site-to-site configuration between pfsense firewalls and I am running OSPF to setup a hub and spoke
    topology. So far the failover routing between hub and spoke sites worked well using OSPF (quagga and zebra) when the connection
    was down the new route provided by OSPF was installed into the kernel's route table.

    But after upgrade when the primary vpn connection is down the failover does not work. What I suspect is that ovpncX interface
    does not go down. I think because the ovpn service is still running (before 2.3 when connection was down the server was not running also).
    OSPF shows the correct routes but those did not install into the kernel's route table.
    Did anyone experience similar? Does anyone know any resolution for this problem?



  • Any idea? Should I change to gre over ipsec?

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