Captive portal Same User but different Devices Simultaneously

  • Hello,

    Just wondering is there a possibility to have PFsense accept multiple connections (many users who have either laptop and mobilephones ) but they all log in using one account, also when each connects each should get a captive portal page to log in.

    when I say different MAC address I mean difference devices and also like in the title at the same time.

  • Yes, it's very possible. In my own case, I have a radius server on which I set the number of simultaneous logins on each account. You can set this parameter to as many or as few concurrent sessions as you need. So one account, for instance, can be used for thousands of devices and in each instance the CP login page is presented to each newly attached device. As far as the captive portal is concerned, the session is assigned to the hardware address of the attached device - the login credentials only apply to the authentication process.

  • I watched a few videos and was going to start configuring the radius server. I found out my modems allow bridging so thats another option I guess. Thanks a bunch.

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