Advise on OpenVPN Setup

  • I have 3 sites, lets call them, A, B and C.

    A is the main site that B and C need to connect to and access the resources from.

    I have managed to successfully get two sites talking to each other, but I cannot get a third to connect.

    I am setting up the server with a shared key, is that not the correct way to do it?

    The correct procedure for multi-client to single site would be appreciated.


  • I would gently suggest you try this setup using PKI.
    My experience has been SSL/TLS gives you a more robust and flexible setup, especially if you need to expand later on.

    You can probably keep your existing server-client setups, just create a new CA on the server and use that to create individual certificates for:

    1. OpenVPN server - type Server
    2. Each client - type User

    You can enable auto-TLS on the server and use that key for an extra layer of security.

    The clients will need a copy of the CA cert (not the private key part) and their respective certificates (created in 2)  ).

    It sounds a little daunting, but once you have one done the rest will fall in line pretty simply.

    If you post back, we can hep along the way.

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