Same rules for WAN and LAN when working in LAN

  • Hi,

    my lan is 192.168.x.x. I create a rule for the WAN (allow port 80 on WAN interface for example). If I only create this rule, it seems that my pc (in the LAN) can't access the port 80 on the WAN.

    So I need to create an exact same rule (but for the LAN this time) in order for my computer to acces port 80.

    Is this a usual behaviour or did I miss something while creating the WAN rule ?

    Thank you,


  • @romegas:

    (allow port 80 on WAN interface for example)

    What do you want to allow? Incoming traffic on WAN to your LAN - then place the rule on the WAN tab.
    If you like to have access on port 80 outbound from your LAN to WAN the rule has to be on the LAN tab.

    Further reading starts (but is not limited to) here:,7001.0.html

  • @jahonix:

    What do you want to allow?

    Ok thank you.

    It was from the LAN to the external address of pfsense (in order to test it).