Possible PfSense settings depend on Captive Portal User Login?

  • Hi,

    I have a 20 PCs configuration spread through different department.  All network rules and other config like DHCP are set to rely on each PCs MAC address.
    Different rules had been set for department heads and teams.  My problem is that some smart-ass "team" user sneakily know how to just switch WIFI dongle with department heads and gain higher access even if they're using their respective captive portal login.

    So… is there a way that configuration given will be base on captive portal login rather than mac address?

    also, it would be great as I do not have to disable rules if I work on each PC (being the net admin).


  • Captive portal can't be used in that manner. It authenticates the user or machine, then their access is determined by firewall rules the same as without CP.

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