Snort - Possible GUI Bugs

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    Upgraded from pfSense v2.2.6 to v2.3.1_1.  In verifying all my settings, I found my selections under Snort Interfaces -> [Interface] Preprocs -> Sensitive Data Detection deselected.  I've re-selected my options and saved the settings but upon returning to this page the options are not selected as seen pre-upgrade (see screenshots 1 and 2):

    Item #2
    I also noticed that the top menu changes from a horizontal layout to a drop down menu when selecting the Sync option (see screenshots 3 & 4):

    I'm on Win 7 x64 and tried using Firefox v46 & Chrome v51 but the behavior is the same.  I don't use Chrome to manage my pfSense so it had a clean cache.

  • I upgraded a 2nd firewall to v2.3.1_1, it is exhibiting the same behavior.  Firewall #1 is virtualized on ESXi 6, System #2 is a Super Micro C2758.  I don't believe this is a hardware issue.  I'm not running any other packages other than Snort.

    Can someone confirm this behavior?

  • This is most likely a Bootstrap conversion bug in the GUI code.  Could be a "display only" bug meaning the correct values are actually stored and written to the snort.conf file.  I can add it to my list of bug fixes for the next update.


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