Using OpenVPN with my local network

  • Hello,

    I'm using a Windows 7 laptop for all of this.

    We have a pfSense box in our office, and another one at the data center.  When I'm in the office, I can connect to the local pfSense box at  I set up OpenVPN at the data center so that I can administer the remote pfSense box from the office also.

    In the OpenVPN Server set up page, I configured the tunnel network as  On the LAN interface for that pfSense box, I set it up as, but I left the IPv4 Local Network box blank in the OpenVPN Server config.

    I can connect and log in to the remote pfSense box, but when I do the local pfSense box at is unreachable, I assume our entire office LAN is unreachable (by IP) when I have the VPN connected.

    How can I set that up so that I can connect to the remote pfSense box by VPN (and, hopefully, access its LAN also) while still being able to access the office LAN?

    edit: after disconnecting the VPN, I still cannot access the local pfSense box at

    In case it's relevant, the remote pfSense used to have the LAN configured at, but I changed that to once I realized I couldn't connect to the local LAN while the VPN is connected.  I believe I made all of the necessary changes when I changed the remote LAN.

    I just noticed that the dashboard for the remote box showed the LAN interface status as "No Carrier".  I changed the LAN config back to, and the status changed to "autoselect".  The LAN currently is not connected to anything, so "autoselect" makes sense because it's not plugged in.  I'm not sure if the "No Carrier" message indicates that there's a problem using the other IP range.

    Never mind, I just switched back to and it stayed at "autoselect".


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