WebGUI idea and feature request

  • To all behind pfSense -
    The 2.3.1 user experience and interface…..WOW! I mean...just...WOW! Much more pleasant to use and easier on the eyes!

    Two features to request -
    1 - I love those separators for the firewall rules. Can this feature be added to the CRON menu? You can easily get a ton of rules going in there and frankly...it can become a hairy mess.
    2 - Speaking of a mess...can something be done about that? Some sort of sorting and organizing feature for the CRON jobs list?

    I'm thinking just a simple drag and drop way of organizing the cron jobs...similar to the way you can drag n drop firewall rules now
    coupled with those separators. BAM! Cron jobs could be grouped and organized with code you've already developed.

    Thanks for reading this.

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