OpenVPN for VLAN

  • I setup an OpenVPN client connection in pfSense, and all traffic seems to route through it.  Is there any way to route only traffic that is on a particular LAN subnet or VLAN over the Open VPN client and let all other traffic flow normally?


  • pfSense is a router, you can route any source subnet and any destination subnet independently.

    Go to the OpenVPN client settings and uncheck "Don't pull routes".
    Then edit the firewall rules which are allowing the upstream traffic of the desired interface, display the advanced options, go down to gateway and select the gateway which is assinged to the OpenVPN client.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yes its called policy based routing.. Your going to want to make sure you don't pull routes from vpn client connection on pfsense.  And then just create firewall rules to send what traffic or devices you want to send down the pfsense client vpn connection.

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