Content Filtering DNS - $$$ You Name It

  • I need a content filtering solution that a developer is willing to maintain that supports DNS filtering.  It has to work with multiple vlans and subnets and also has to display a 'block' page when someone goes to something they shouldn't.  The list should pull from squidblacklist (paid subscription I have).  Name the price.

  • that supports DNS filtering

    For DNS filtering you can use the DNS Resolver to force google and bing safe mode (block the rest until more support this option) and use a WPAD with squid and squidguard to filter HTTP and HTTPS content. Is there something that this setup does not offer that you need?

  • The support for multiple vlans and subnets stinks.  I've tried everything to get it working, its more of a headache then anything.  There was a project a while ago called NSFilter, that was almost perfect (with a few bugs), then that died.  Something like that again would be perfect.

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