OpenVPN per-server filtering

  • Hello!

    Back on 2.1.5, there was a possibility to create per-server rules for OpenVPN.
    For example, I had several tap servers bridged to local interfaces, with per-vpn ruleset for each vpn server, which allowed me to filter OpenVPN connections.

    Right now, I'm trying to do the same thing (basically, ):

    1. Create OpenVPN server, tap
    2. Assign it to a new adapter
    3. Bridging it with local NIC
    4. Creating ruleset for VPN adapter in bridge.

    Right now it seems that this configuration is not working as I'm expected: VPN connections are managed by OpenVPN tab, and per-server rules are not processed at all.
    I've tried to forbid everything on OpenVPN tab, and everything stops working.
    When I've tried to allow anything on OpenVPN tab (hoping that packets will be passed then to adapter ruleset), everything is passed by pfSense, even if blocking action for specifed packets (ICMP, for example) exists on OpenVPN server tab.
    So it seems that per-server rules are not considered at all.

    So how should I do it right?

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