The 2.3 new interface very nice !!!! + suggestions

  • the new interface is clearly a big improvement, it more clear, modern, not too much waste of space
    moving the rules by drag and drop + the possibility to add a separator -> very convenient
    the new gadgets at the front page that can have a 16/9 layout -> yes yess !!

    some suggestions

    the navigation bar (the name in the html source is "header"

    • "clickable" would be nice if you want to come back on a previous section
          - if you want an example you can try the demo of glpi here
          - just click anywhere in the menues and you'll see how the navigation bar behaves

    general layout

    • try to make it a little bit slimmer vertically : on a 1920*1080 screens I can see 12-13 rules maximum
    • try to use the space on left and right

    the possibility to filter/sort in the places where the list can grown very large

    • System / User Manager / Users
    • System / Certificate Manager / Certificates

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