Light Squid requires Squid3, and then the required package its not on the list

  • Is this a joke or just somebody that has forgot to put it on the list???
    The Squid3 package was available for download on a previous version of PFSense (i think 2.0.2), but now on this last version, LightSquid its still asking for it but its not on the list of the available packages…..

    "Lightsquid 3.0.4 LightSquid is a high performance web proxy reporting tool. Includes proxy realtime statistics (SQStat). Requires Squid3 package."

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are on pfSense 2.3, the only squid version available is squid 3.x.

  • Thanks for the answer but i am still confused.
    Its Squid 3.x.x the package currently listed as just "Squid", which LightSquid is calling Squid3, or are we talking of different things here???
    In the case "Squid3" means any version starting from version 3, maybe would be better to make that a bit more clear, or other ways rename the current "Squid" as "Squid3" as quoted on the note on LightSquid to avoid confusion…...

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