Pfsense vlans and transparent proxy

  • hello everyone

    I am using pfsense firewall with vlans tagged on LAN interface. This LANs have different subnets, I want to ask has anyone installed squid on firewall with multiple VLAN interfaces and if it works in transparent mode.

    thank you

  • same here: we upgraded to pfsense 2.3.1, squid 0.4.18 and squidguard 1.14_3. we have multiple vlan and wanted to do url filtering via transparent proxy but no way to have this working, every client can visit blacklisted sites…

    ...still looking for the right conf, have you guys got it?

  • as I remeber filtering was working. I had lan interface aitting in default vlan while other interfaces in different vlans an different subnet, requests from that subnets was filtered but not badwidth. bandwidth was my problem. squid was listening to lan interface in default vlan. forget to mention that on lan interface was tagged other vlans not to other physical interfaces.

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