Captive Portal ceasing being captive

  • Hi,
          i am having what i believe it's a basic configuration's problem, but i can't come on top of it.
    I started the captive portal, uploading a basic splash page, which once being clicked, should have redirect the user on an intranet's site.
    It worked almost fine at the beginning (just i couldn't redirect to the intranet yet but the web), but while swapping different splash pages to test which one would look better, the captive portal just stopped working, no more displaying of the initial splash page and users able to browse the web straight away.
    What i think it did happen here, is that the firewall or LightSquid, made an automatic rule on his own to allow every user which clicked on the initial page to go wherever they liked.
    Restoring the initial page didn't work, nor stopping and restarting the captive portal.
    I went to the firewall's page and blocked all the connections to port 80, but the problem is that its blocking even my pc, no matter that i allowed its mac address to pass on the captive portal configuration….
    What should i do? Any ways to clear up this automatic rule???


    Resetted PFSense to default, the captive portal restarted being captive, thank you all for the great support, i am not going to name you all because you were so many, so, thanks!

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