Please help, after configuring ipv4 tunnel, webgui crashes and wont load

  • I'm trying to setup a vpn so my friend can connect to my network remotely, however when i do this and go through the wizard, it crashes and then doesn't load, how can i check the logs to see whats going on? I'm very new to pfsense

    i am running this in vmware workstation using nat with an IP address of, when the tunnel is set to it works, but when i change the ipv4 tunnel to it crashes and the webconfigurator will not load, wtf, anyone know how i can fix this? I can't get back into the webconfigurator without resetting and going back to step 1

    Note: it was working great when i had as the tunnel, but I couldn't access anything on my network when I was connected via openvpn gui

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