Pf 2.2.6 squid3+squidguard slow

  • i have installed pf 2.2.6 with squid3 and squidguard with ldap auth.

    i have a problem the first time loading pages takes long time .

    please help how to resolve this.?


  • Hi,
    Have you solved your problem?
    I experience the same issue, where surfing got slower with squid. What is your hardware setup and how have you configured Squid and Squidgard?

    My internet connection is 100/100 fiber and I want to use squid to reduce load when torrents are running and to remove pop-ups that my browser popup-addon is not taking care of. I am running of Pfsense 2.3_1 with the versions of Squid and Squidgard that is included.
    My hardware is atom D525 (X7SPE-HF-D525) with 2Gb RAM and the OS is stored on a 60Gb SSD.
    I followed the following instructions:

    My personal settings:

    • Hard disk cashe size: 3000

    • Allowed subnets (as my pfsense are

    • I have used http: //www.shallalist. de / Downloads / shallalist.tar.gz to remove Add sites and I have created a personal filter to remove pop-up adds that are frequent on streaming sites.

    In my case I will try to add 2Gb more RAM. I have seen that my setup boots OS Solaris slower with 2Gb compaired to the same system with 4Gb RAM and that could be due to my setup needs to cashe data instead of only using the RAM.

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