Changing SquidGuard config options not listed in the GUI

  • Hi,
    I'm looking for a way to change the SquidGuard db and log locations:
    The defaults are /var/db/squidGuard and /var/squidGuard/log but these aren't listed in the GUI.

    I'm still relatively new to pfSense and an trying to wrap my head around how the config files are written on boot.

    I can see these log and db parms in these:
    .. however these all appear to be over written on either package (re-)install or on reboot.

    These variables aren't stored in /cf/conf/config.xml but they do appear in /usr/local/etc/squidGuard/squidguard_conf.xml after boot.

    Is there a way this can be achieved?

    I'm currently running pfSense on NanoBSD, but have a secondary drive mounted where I want to store the blacklist caches to (to avoid them getting wiped on boot).
    I know blacklists on NanoBSD are not recommended, but I have 4GB RAM + dual core on the box with a large /tmp and /var so downloading and building the caches don't appear to be an issue.


  • Hi,

    .conf files will be overwritten every time you change something in the GUI. The will be persistent if you modify the /usr/local/pkg/*.inc files. The .inc files and the .xml files in this folder will create all other config files (.conf) for this package. So As long as you do not reinstall/upgrade the package the modifications in the .inc file could help you.

    To make it persistent after an upgrade I do the following:

    1.) Installaing "System Patches" package on pfense
    2.) I make a copy of the and modified the copy of the file like I need it
    3.) I create a diff / patch file with this command :  diff -Naur > DIFF.patch
    4.) In the "Patches" package I create a new entry.
      Description: Something you like
      URL/commit ID: emtpy
      Patch contents: here I paste everything of the DIFF.patch file.
      Path strip count: 1
      Base directory: /usr/local/pkg/
      Ignore whitespaces: checked
      Auto Apply: checked (before enabling this I make sure everything is working. But this will make sure that your changes will be made after a package update).
    5.) After clicking "Save" you can try and "Test" your patch and apply your patch.

    Hope this will help you!

  • Awesome.. thanks Nachtfalke! I wasn't aware of that "System Patches" package.

    I tried this with my SquidGuard changes today and Squid + SquidGuard were working perfect.
    Everything seemed great until I did a final reboot test. Something went wrong after that to a point where Unbound and DHCP wouldn't load. I was getting some weird certificate type errors on Unbound.
    I had to revert back to the other slice to recover.

    I'll have a bit more of a play though and see if I can get it going.

    Thanks again!

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