HAProxy package update to 1.6.5

  • Hello!  Recently I discovered HAProxy and am having some fun learning its ways on my homelab system.

    I was wondering is it possible to update the base haproxy to v1.6.5 which is current?

    I am not sure how to submit a proper PR for this, otherwise I would do it myself.  :(

  • If you don't mind, i would rather skip that version. There is some dns resolving broken in it, not sure if many use that, but it didnt look like here where 'major' bugfixes in it. Anything particular you need/expect from the newer port.?

  • No problem.  No nothing specific, I was experiencing a strange problem where the host was getting mangled by the proxy somehow (e.g.  I would hit www.siteB.com from the outside and by the time the proxy connected to the internal backend host, it was attempting to send a request with an unqualified host of just "http://siteB".  I thought perhaps this might have been a bug and could have been fixed in 1.6.5

    But if there are issues with that version and 1.7 is the new focus then I understand…. thanks

  • Ill try and get it updated once 1.6.6 gets tagged. As for the problem you describe i have not seen that reported before, afaik 1.6.4 works properly regarding forwarding headers send by a client. If your still experiencing that issue, then can you share the haproxy config file? (it can be seen at the bottom of the config tab by clicking a 'show config' link) Can you reproduce the issue with a curl request?