Squid Proxy and DNS Resolutions Intermittent Failures

  • I have recorded a video of this behavior.

    In general when I have Squid Proxy turned on I get lots of unloaded images and javascript/css on websites which I visit.

    I have tried various settings of cache sizes.
    I have tried various settings of using DNS Resolver, DNS Forwarder. Setting google's DNS over my ISPs.

    Shown in the video are my log, and the behavior. This may turn into a bug report if we can report it right.
    Youtube Video

  • do you get the same issue when using non transparent proxy?

    post some links to sites which are not loading correctly.

  • They can resolve, they just don't always every time.

    Its the intermittent behavior of random requests not resolving.

    It happens with authenticted proxy.
    It happens with transparent proxy.

    Posing a url which doesn't resolve would be posting the entire internet. Its not a specific link. Its that not every part of a web page loads. Then you quit the browser/restart workstation (clear cache), and different portions of it load. Say a site references itself. The cached DNS for the site will end up timing out for images on the page.

    Turning of squid fixes the timing out of content issue.

    Please watch the video if you need more explanation.

  • I've fixed it. The solution was to install abandon pfsense and install ubuntu server 16.04 with the squid3 package. Then configure squid3.conf with some simple values.

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