Multiple WLAN Users

  • Hello,

    For one Access Point I want to configure multiple static users in order to uniquely identify the corresponding traffic and limit bandwith, block specific ports etc. for each specific WLAN user. Does the captive portal / radius server eventually has this capability? Does anyone know one this can be archieved?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  • Is pfSense your AccessPoint as well or do you use an external one?

  • It is also my AP, if necessary I could add a dedicated one but,  beeing aware of its downsides,  I prefer the one device solution.

  • Go to your DHCP leases page, hit the '+' sign on the right hand side and add a static entry for each MAC address in question.

  • The use case is the following:

    There are 6 holiday apartments which all use the same WLAN. After a preceding law case due to illegal downloads every apartment needs to be monitored for eventually following issues of similiar kind. The MAC addresses change of course in the same frequency as the guests do, therefore assigning static MACs is inapplicable.

    Technicalwise I might be looking for something like Captive Portal with RADIUS authentication and static vouchers, presumed this can provide the above mentioned features per voucher(user).

    Any other solution that fulfills the requirements would of course be welcome as well.

    Is there any chance to archieve that?


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