Redirect all http traffic to squid

  • Hi
    i have pfsense (2.2.6) box with squid and squidguard.
    Pfsense firewall is configured in bridge mode. Squid is configured in NOT transparent mode, because, with bridge, Squid seems  that does not work in Transparent mode.

    With this configuration, traffic across bridge is OK and if I config browsers with proxy address, proxy and proxyguard work.

    Now I would that all traffic to the internet (http/https) was intercepted and redirected to the (internal) proxy, without config the proxy address in browsers. From this post this seems possible, but with the following configuration does not work.

    Follows my config:

    bridge (ip=none)
    wan (ip=none)
    lan (ip= gw=

    proxy interface=lan

    nat outbound=AON

    firewall rules e forwards as attached

    I'm not sure about the  firewall/nat rules, or, peraps, it is not possble?

    Thanks in advance for help

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