Captive Portal w/ freeradius (and vouchers) problem

  • Hey guys, just want to ask question about the problem I've encountered.

    Captive Portal is working w/ freeradius. HTTPs login enabled. (Vouchers is still disabled)
            Users can login through the portal using the accounts I've created on freeradius.

    Now when I enabled the vouchers. ( I'm still not creating vouchers roll, and not editing any settings)
            The same credentials are having errors on Captive Portal login page.. (eg. Invalid Credentials..)

    What is this error? Why is it that when vouchers are disabled, accounts created on FreeRadius can login. But when it is enabled, they cannot..

    Note:  I have 2 Captive Portal Pages(Different styles)..  This problem arises on the Second Captive Portal..  The first Captive Portal doesn't encounter errors like this (Everything works, I just want to use the second Captive Portal because of the design)..
        Is there any chance that the error lies in the code of the Second Captive Portal(html)?

    Waiting for answers.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Because when vouchers are enabled you need to enter a voucher to log in.

  • As far as I can see you can define different authentication methodes for different Captive Portal Zones.
    So you should configure RADIUS for the first Zone and Local User database / Voucher for the second Zone.

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