Captiv portal

  • Is not working and need help

  • I'll tell you what's wrong with your captive portal if you can tell me how many fingers I'm holding up on my right hand now.

    If you can't, then your mind-reading hat is not functioning any better than mine is.

  • Your reply really sums up what this forum has became, but i can play your game if you like, i will tell you how many fingers you are holding up on your mysterious hand, once you pull it out from your lower back, i might read your mind but i got no x-ray machine…

  • Don't worry.
    As soon as some one recognizes your problem, he will post a solution for you.

  • Tomhas - your original post also reveals the quality of the questions on this forum - namely that they're being posted by some people who haven't wit enough to provide even the most elementary information for anyone to help them. Saying "my firewall is broke" is going to get you nowhere in a hurry, nor will insulting anyone who even responds to ridiculous posts like these. My point was to highlight the fact that you have to provide at least a tiny amount of information if you want help. You now can count on at least one less person who might be able to offer you any assistance. Well done.

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