Setting Correct date format for captive portal calendars

  • So with the new PFsense 2.3.1 you have changed the captive portal to no longer pop up a calendar for date picking of expiry dates. That by itself is pretty annoying but i accept you want to cater to people with phones more sigh.

    So now that there is no calendar, i find the american date format confusing. How do I change to a normal ISO date format of yyyy-mm-dd or dd-mm-yyyy ?

    It keeps bitching about my dates because it uses mm/dd/yyyy which is the stupidest date format ever invented when it comes to computers.

    if there any way to change the date format in pfsense to be a proper one?

  • There is no such thing as captive portal calendars, what are you referring to?

  • I guess he refers to the Local User Manager expire date setting.

  • yes sorry thats right. i just use user manager to create captive portal users so much that i forgot it had other uses!

  • The calendar date picker is still there, click the down arrow at the right of that box.

    Agree using the mm/dd/yyyy format isn't the best. I'd rather have YYYYmmdd, generally the standard we follow elsewhere. Not a priority at the moment but might change that.

  • This may be the case of a bug, or something. I do not see any down arrow (see attached image)

    Oh well i do see it in chrome, but not firefox which is what i use. The box is there in chrome.
    I tried IE and the whole interface is an unusable mess in IE, but that doesnt really matter for me.

    ![internet explorer.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/internet explorer.png)
    ![internet explorer.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/internet explorer.png_thumb)

  • If IE's showing a mess, you need to disable compatibility mode in IE.

    Confirmed it doesn't work in Firefox and Safari at least.

  • ah now thats service! TYVM i will look forward to the new release.

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