Squid configuration question

  • I forget how good pfSense is, and how easy it is.

    Setting up Squid (+ MinM SSL) works with a few clicks - install a root cert from the CA, perfect.

    I was wondering if i can improve the cache efficiency, i have an application which downloads large binary - unique one-time only files, and these are 99% filling the cache.

    They always have a *.bin extension and i would normally add something like

    acl filecachetype urlpath_regex \.bin
    cache deny !filecachetype

    to squid.conf - but i don't see an obvious place in the pfSense GUI to achieve this.

    I could
    a) don't worry and live with a 1% hit rate
    b) edit squid.conf - each time an upgrade etc occurs.

    but neither is that elegant.

    edit: the application also downloads and gets good hits from the same site, so not caching the sites / IPs is not what i would need.

    I don't have control of the web-server generating these so setting something server side is possible, but not probable.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    Edit2: I have just noticed the Advanced options (after upgrading tio 2.3.1 - this may be exactly what i need - i'll report back later.

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