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  • I am having a basic configuration problem, need to access a website hosted locally (not on the web) from another computer on the same network (over wi-fi).
    Right now i can see my site if i get to that local ip address from the same pc where the site it's hosted into, but when i try for any other pc, i just can't get into it and it's so demotivating, you spend a long time building a website  only to realize that the only person which can see it is yourself….
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  • @OOOpf:

    (over wi-fi)

    Make sure what your wi-fi network does not isolating it guests.

  • How do i do that?

  • If it is under your control - consult user manual, if not - ask network administrator.
    Or you could hook two notebook to your wifi network and try to ping, ssh, rdp from one to another.

  • yes everything it's under my "control", all machines are located inside my room, but somehow they just refuse to collaborate, i don't have any manuals, i keep browsing forums and Google but so far i am getting more troubles than solutions, as many times the instructions i get ends up with something that my system say cannot find or doesn't exist, that's why i came posting here, this is really the last resort, nothing works….
    I reinstalled the whole OS and/or packages countless times already

  • (Long shot) have you tried using the same workgroup?

    (Another idea) can the client ping the webserver's IP? (So if the web server address is can be reached?)

    Also if the client is connected directly or through a switch can it access the web server?

    Does the webserver have a firewall? (UFW for Linux)

  • Fist is this machine hosting the website have the correct permissions set. ie for windows right click properties > security> permissions? it could be that file/ folder has a no share permission set on it. This permission could even be on the partition the website files are on. If this is the case that would be the reason you can only access it from your local system.

  • Well…
    Okay, then do the following:
    on "other pc" run the following:
    ping %ipaddress of pc with website%
    ping %ipaddress of your router%
    and then look in arp cache:
    apr -a
    If there would be MAC - IP association for your router, but not for pc with web site - then your wifi access point\router definitely block access between wifi clients.
    If there would be records for  both router and pc with web site, and pc with web site responds to ping - then something wrong with:
    1. web server configuration
    2. firewall on pc with web server

    Or, in very rare situation - you could have mismatching network mask set on computers, worth checking.
    At least - dump all ipconfig / ifconfig output here.

  • Thanks all for the replies, i didn't had a chance to use any of the suggested possible solutions yet as i am in the middle of a major problem after having followed a tutorial i found online, so i erased everything already 3 times and keep restarting from scratch…..
    As soon as i will be able to assign again a test site the correct address i'll be back.
    By the way i am using CentOS 6.8 and i made previous tests with both the firewall on (Selinux) and off, lately i was following a step by step guide to rename the address where my site would appear, but it would just end up on a blank page, the tutorial was even giving slightly different names or wrong folder locations but i managed to find the right paths and still didn't work, i think it's because with any new releases of the software, these developers tends to rename things and put them in different places, which it wouldn't be too bad if at least they would still works when someone manage to find them, but no luck......

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