[RESOLVED]No ping in-game in all Battlefield games

  • Hi,

    I've been looking around for a while for a solution for that but I still haven't found one.

    So whenever I play any of the Battlefield series game I get kick from almost every servers because my ping simply does not show.

    What I did so far :

    • Fresh install of Origin, Punkbuster and BF4 and BF:Hardline.

    • Set outbound NAT to static for my Private Network *LAN.

    • Opened ports on the firewall for the huge range of ports required by Battlefield.

    • Configured QoS. *(Which somehow does not recognize BF Traffic as game traffic even though it is going through the right ports and configured properly)

    • Rebooted PFSense

    What I tried but later disabled :

    • Enabling UPNP

    The weird part :

    • If I'm in-game the score board show a dash - instead of my ping and I will be kicked for not a having a ping

    • If I display the network Diag. information in game I can see my ping *Around 18ms

    • I can see the pings of all servers in the server browser.

    • I can play just fine until the server kicks me for not having a ping.

    • These issue are only occurring with battlefield games.

    • I've receiving and replying to pings from the server. *Verified with Wireshark

    I really don't know what to do next… I've been searching Google for 2 days now...

    Thank you

  • Finally fixed it.

    I changed the WAN interface

    from : the integrated DELL Controller

    to : a new PCI-X TP-LINK Gigabit Network card. *TG-3468

    Even though everything else on the firewall was working fine, apparently there was some issue with the motherboard network controller.

    It's weird, but I'm happy that it is now resolved.

  • Nice thread.  Had same issue.

    I decided to get a refund.  First of all the game sucks.  The netcode and hitbox detection have been broken since BF3.  Another lousy game they never fixed because they figured graphics trumps everything.

    Anyway.  EA listed the ports that needed to be opened and it still didn't work.  F them.  I saw a ton of traffics coming out of ports no where near the scope they listed.  I figured they have serious issues they're obviously obfuscating.

    I'd stay away from this game series.

  • Just tested BF4 after installing my pfSense router.

    No issues with Ping showing ingame or in the server browser. Nothing special set to make it work either.

    Just sharing my experience.

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