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  • hi there
    i'm new to the community, i've just been reading a lot, but now i got an issue i'm trying to figure out for the past 2 days.

    i'm runing the latest pfsense with pfblocker, squid and squidquard.

    under PackageProxy filter SquidGuard: Common Access Control List (ACL)Common ACL
    i have whitelisted [blk_BL_urlshortener] and also created a Target categorie to whitelist with url shorteners such as bit.do / tinyurl.com / goo.gl and in ACL also whitelistet those.

    for some reason, whenever i try to acces those pages i just get a black site and the title is "1x1"

    pinging the hosts always results in response from
    i'm on a 192.168.1.x range

    i can't help myself figuring out what could cause the problem.
    anyone out there that has a hint for me?

    thanks in advance

  • looks like i just found the solution.

    its related to pfblockerNG
    i ticked there "Alexa whitelist" and choose top 10k sites.

    also found out, that before that google accounts where classified as ads

      Not available for HTTPS alerts

    now also url shortener work great.

    what i also found out is, you need always, evey change you make, to update pfblcokerNG manually so that changes can take effect.

    maybe it was just a combination of everything what lead to my problems

  • Moderator

    If you are having issues getting to a particular site, goto the pfBlockerNG Alerts Tab, which will display any IP or Domain being blocked… You can also suppress the IP/Domain from that Page...

    Keep in mind, that Alexa also posts the Top ADvert domains... So don't use Alexa with the ADvert Feeds...

    More info available here:

    You can also hit "F12" in the Browser to goto "Dev mode" and click on the "console" tab... That will also show any Domains that are being blocked...

  • thanks @BBcan177

    yes i just figured this out when i activated Alexa. So i will look further into that.

    saying that, yes, i found the alerts tab in pfblocker and i also wanted to add them to whitelist by pressing "+" but for some reason pressing + doesn't do anything.

    this browser thing, you meand pressing F12 while in the alert tab or how can i understand that?


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