Download Monitoring & Limiting via WiFi

  • Hi,

    I am new to the forms, so apologies if this is in the wrong location.

    I currently use a Draytek router with Wi Fi to connect my network to a NBN (fiber) connection to the internet.  This device supports 2 subnets, up to 7 VLANS & 4 SSID's that can be assigned to any VLAN.  I then connect this to a 48 port TPLink switch that also supports VLAN.  All my kids equipment is wireless & connects to one of the SSID's.

    The Draytek can only monitor downloading on one LAN port & not via the Wi Fi for some reason.  I want to monitor & then stop downloads on each device when it gets to particular amount in the month to ensure each family member gets their fare share.  Can I use the Draytek as an AP, still with the VLAN & sub netting & achieve the download monitoring/limiting per device?