• Hello I have one physical interface that I use for my LAN.  This has a mixture of not tagged traffic and tagged VLAN traffic.  The not tagged traffic moves through the LAN interface and the VLAN traffic moves through VLAN100, VLAN200 and VLAN300.  The LAN and VLANs are all on individual subnets.

    I have snort running on the LAN interface and all VLAN interfaces.

    I am seeing snort alerts for traffic from my VLANS reported under LAN.  I also see other alerts reported under the correct VLAN.  I do not see LAN alerts reported under any VLANs (which is good).

    My question is why this is happening?  Is snort sniffing the traffic on the LAN after any tagged traffic has lost its tag (for lack of a better description)?  Or is this not working correctly for me because of something I misconfigured?

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