• Hi.

    I've got a problem with pfsene firewalling.
    I've just install Pfsense on a standalone Dell R200. (After being a IPCOP user since 5 years)
    Everything seems to be ok.
    Nextday i see that not any mail go out of my private network !
    I recieve mail from outdoor, inside my company everything is ok, but no mail go out !
    Until last week, I used IPCOP wich dont'work on dell R200 (thanks to 2.4 Kernel).
    my ISP send all my company mail on my public IP, and then, I make a NAT to my private MX (Exchange 2k3…  :'( :'( )
    With ipcop no probs, but I want to leave it for pfsense.

    the schema of my connection is like that :

    ISP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <----------> Public IP YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY / Pfsense<--------> MX

    When I change my private IP of my MX to another IP, everything is ok (like

    How to configure the pfsense firewall ??????

    Thanks for your help, i feel like a donkey !