VLAN and Bridging Pfsense 2.3

  • Hi,

    I have an APU2C.  I have created a bridge between a VLAN (igb0) and OPT1.    The problem I have is that VOIP is not working, no incoming or outgoing is possible.

    Internet –--  Telco CPE/Fibre ------- APU with Pfsense 2.3  (igb0  --- WAN, igb1 LAN,  igb2 OPT1)

    1. PPPOE - VLAN500  attached to lgb0

    2. VLAN400 (voip from provider) attached to igb0  bridged to OPT1

    3. System tune tables  net.link.pfil_member = 0 , net.link.bridge_pfil_bridge = 1

    4. The VOIP ATA connected to the OPT1 port is getting IP assigned by Telco.

    In terms of setting rules for the bridge.  Where should i put the rules ? is it a on the Vlan400 interface or OPT1?    Thanks.

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