PfBlocker - Prevent rules from re-sorting

  • I've created an alias of IP's I'd like to allow that would otherwise be blocked by pfblocker (exceptions).  I've moved this list above pfBlocker because I want the rest of that continent blocked.  Every time pfBlocker updates (CRON), it re-sorts my alias under/after pfBlocker.

    Is there any way to 1) keep it from changing the sort or 2) add a rule order of "manual sort" or is there a 3) this functionality already exists and I've just missed it?

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    Select the "Rule Order" option in the General Tab.

  • Nope.  All settings re-order with each CRON update.  So there's no way that I can find to set a bypass alias above pfblocker and leave it there permanently.

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    Did you select one of these Rule Order options?

    How did you create this Exception list? Best to create a new pfBlockerNG "Permit Outbound" alias.
    Are you using Floating rules?

  • I chose the first rule.

    I also created an alias (pfsense, not pfbng) to allow the particular IP's I want and put that as the first rule. Everything works like a charm for an hour, then the CRON job resorts to the Rule Order.

    Looks like I can accomplish the same thing through pfbng's alias system.  Wasn't aware that's what the ipv4 and ipv6 tabs were for.

    btw, the help link on the ipv4 tab is broken (https://<url to="" pfsense="">/help.php?page=/pfblockerng/pfblockerng_v4lists.xml)

    Thanks for your help - I'll tinker from here until I get it.</url>

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