Proxy Reports - More Robust?

  • Hey guys! Finally took the time to get Squid and AD to communicate thanks to the SUPER AMAZING Pf2AD (

    However, Lightsquid seems to be the only report system in 2.3.x, as Sarg is no longer supported. Thing is, I REALLY need tosee  more info than the top domain visited. If a user goes to Youtube, I need to see which video.

    Is there a way to make Lightsquid do this? Or is there any other system to use?

  • Lightsquid is the only one currently available.  Sarg may reappear later on.  If you're brave then you could try getting Sarg to install & run by manually installing it from FreeBSD's repo.  You could manually grab the access.log and run it through AWStats, or Squidalyzer, or some other log analysis tool.

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