Firewall Rule Automatically Moves Down in Order - odd behavior.

  • Today I created a LAN rule to block access to a specific destination ip address.  I dragged the rule to the top of the list, and as long as it is ahead of the default LAN allow all rule, the site is no longer accessable on my network.  Great, that was my goal.

    What I am noticing is the rule seems to drift down in the list and once it gets past the Default allow LAN to any rule, the site then becomes accessible.

    I have noticed this drift twice, each time moving it back up to the top, saving, and then trying the site again to verify it is blocked.    I just tried to access the site and it is passed again and the rule was at the second to the bottom of my rule list.

    I just made a screen shot and will see what things look like in the morning.  I have also verified that it is not loading the web page from this site.

    Is it normal or possible for a rule to drift in order for some reason or am I, the user doing something wrong?


  • Did some additional research and it looks like pfBlockerNG could be changing my rule order.