Tagged PPPOE not working with Hyper-V

  • I'm having a bit of trouble getting vlan tagged PPPOE to work with PFsense on Hyper-V.  My ISP requires that PPPOE traffic be tagged on VLAN 10
    Here's how my network is laid out:

    So NIC 2 on the PFsense VM is what I'm using for the PPPOE connection.  In the settings of the VM I've tried specifying the VLAN for the VMs NIC as 10 and I've also left it unticked but that made no difference.  Using TCPdump all I see is this on the WAN interface setup for PPPOE:

    17:08:20.262217 PPPoE PADI [Host-Uniq 0xC071E70500F8FFFF] [Service-Name] [PPP-Max-Payload 0x05DC]

    In PFSense, I've tried two ways of setting up the PPPOE connection. The first way involved creating VLAN 10 in PFsense as shown:

    And then configuring the PPPOE connection against the VLAN interface:

    I also tried creating the PPPOE connection on the interface itself but to no avail.  With both options I also tried them both with VLAN 10 specified in the settings of the VM's NIC and with it unspecified.  I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong at this point.

    I'm fairly certain it has nothing to do with the Netgear or Cisco switches as if I plug a Mikrotik router into the same port on the Cisco switch that NIC 2 on the Hyper-V server was plugged into the connection comes up fine on the Mikrotik.