Squid doesn't allow http access to internally hosted site

  • Hello pfSense Community,

    I'm in kind of a bind here. At my current employer we host an internal git server that is accessible from within the network as well as we have a domain name registered to access it outside the network.

    For example sake, here is the current config (not real config).

    External domain name git.gitserver.com with a 1:1 nat to internal address

    Now I have no problem accessing the git server from within the network as well as from outside the network, but my issue is that once I turn squid on, internally the git.gitserver.com is forced to try to connect over https, but outside the network I can access the site from http without any issues. Is there something that I should be doing in the squid config to not allow a forced redirect to https? And why would squid be doing this by default?


  • Here is some more information to try and clarify the issue.

    Here is the following screen that is received when trying to navigate to the website hosted inside the network (behind pfsense/squid) when squid is turned on.

    As from my previous post, the example url that I gave was http://git.gitserver.com. As from the image above, the URL has now turned into https://git.gitserver.com for no apparent reason.

    Is there something that I'm missing because this site is hosted behind pfsense and squid? Why would squid automatically redirect the site to https if the site was never configured to accept https connections?


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