OpenVPN and Active Directory

  • Hi there,

    I set up OpenVPN following the beginners HOWTO. Almost everything goes ok.

    So, here is my architecture. : Corporate network behind pfSense : M$ Small Business Server 2003 (active directory, exchange, DNS, ..) (=first DNS for WS) : pfSense box ( (=gateway for WS) : Remote computer with openVPN client

    Here is the openVPN pfSense configuration
    Address pool
    Local network
    PKI authentication

    Some test cases
    Remote computer is successfully connected and gets IP
    From that computer I can ping everything (workstations, SBS).
    From workstations I can ping the remote computer

    The problem is that I can't see the shares on the SBS, I can't either log onto AD.
    If I put as adresss pool, I can't ping anything.

    What should I do ?

    Thank you for your help


  • Hey i got the same problem.
    I think ist a dns problem. But i have no solution.
    Can you ping withe name or only withe the ip?

  • Can you ping by IP?  For the name resolution you might need to implement WINS.

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