• hi, everybody, Iam little confuse, pfsense by default block everything until you create a first rule, right?  In my case I started creating some rules, example.
    reservation –------>permit -------> 53,110,25,995( just for emails)
    but in this case, these peoples I can see still using skype, whithout any problem of couse they dont have internet, that what I wanted. not internet just emails, but thats applications p2p they can use.

    so, I have to block first everything and then start to implement my rules  or there is something missing?

  • Right after installing pfSense you have a rule on LAN that allows everything from the LAN out.


    Rules are processed from top to down.
    If a rule catches the rest of the rules is no longer considered.
    Per default a "block all" rule is always in place (invisible below your own rules).

    Traffic is filtered on the Interface on which traffic comes in.
    So traffic comming in on the LAN-Interface will only be processed by the rules you define on the LAN tab.