Enable/Disable firewall rules from external source

  • Hi guys!

    I need some help with an idea I´ve got.

    I want to run a script on my computer. When the script finds what it´s looking for, I want the script to automatically trigger a rule to activate in pfsense.

    Any idea how to do this?

    Is it possible to trigger an SSH script to enable and disable this rule?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Based on the info you've provided so far, I'd say this is a pretty awful idea. However, perhaps if you clarified what you're trying to acheive…?

  • I'm interested in similar functionality. I have a floating rule to deny kids' devices. I would like the wife to have a way of enabling/disabling rule without logging into dashboard. I am rolling out a zwave homeauto system that will allow family to monitor door locks, etc from tablets around the house. Would love to have a button execute a script to enable the deny rule.

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