Subnet eth3 to OpenVPN client

  • Hello,

    Right now I'm using a router with OpenVPN to connect machines to a remote OpenVPN server. Is there a way to make a subnet on eth3 use the pfsense openvpm client to connect to the openvpn server while leaving the 2(private/guest) other subnets on my default wan?

    Thank You for any help in this!
    Jason Simonds

  • Yes, you can specify the gateway to use in the firewall rules:
    So add a separate rule for each private subnet and state the gateway in the advanced options of the rule.

    Ensure that the VPN server doesn't push the default route to the client. This can be prevented by selecting "Don't pull routes" in the vpn client setting.

  • Thank You so much!!!1

    I did not even know what to search for.

    And when I finally finish my server rack it will look so much better with out a router just sitting there for my OpenVPN needs.

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