HAproxy management not working

  • Hi

    I finally bit the bullit today and upgraded my PFsense 2.2.6 to 2.3.1_5.
    I reinstalled 2.3.1 from scratch and restored the config file, and everything seems to work beautifully…. BUT:

    HAproxy (not devel) is acting up.
    It installed fine, all my frontend/backends are working just fine and everything is accessible from my WAN link. The dashboard widget is reporting clients correctly.

    But I cannot configure it. When accessing Services -> HAproxy i just get a 404 not found on the https://hostname/HAproxy_listeners.php page.
    Likewise i cannot access the Stats page in diagnostics.

    My skill's does unfortunately not include how to diagnose why that's happening, so... HELP :-)

  • Hmm.

    It seems it was the update from 2.3.1 to  2.3.1_5 that was to blame.

    I reinstalled the package, and now everything is working.

  • The https://hostname/HAproxy_listeners.php never existed on 2.3.x versions.. (or at least it wasnt supposed to..) All the php package files for haproxy package where moved to a subfolder https://hostname/haproxy/HAproxy_listeners.php ..

    It might have been that some old 2.2.x files remained or that old menu references where still present in the config file..

    Anyway good that a reinstall of package fixed it..  :D

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